Game #16 – You’ve Got Your Knife Up to My Throat, Why Do You Wanna See Me Bleed? – Hawks 2, Penguins 2 (Penguins Win Keno tourney)

Box Score Natural Stat Trick A frustrating loss for the Hawks, but for a different reason tonight. Instead of getting ragdolled, the Hawks spent most of the game looking good. But a blown puck-settling on an easy clear and a microcosm of why we don’t trust Colliton’s system kept Pittsburgh in it. Let’s clean it […]

Game #5 – Fishin’ for a Good Time Starts With Throwin’ In Your Line – Hawks 2, Jackets 2 (Hawks Win Take-Off-Your-Pants-and-Jacket Karaoke Contest)

Box Score Natural Stat Trick Corsica After a monumental diaper filling in the first period that would have made even Bobby Hull ask, “What the fuck am I doing here?” the Hawks managed to mostly lock their shit down and scratch out a victory on none other than Jonathan Toews’s stick. Which is good, because […]
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