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Confirmation Bias: Blackhawks 2 – Ducks 0

Box Score Event Summary Extra Skater There’s something about this team. Even when they’re not very good (the last few weeks) they can still manage to outplay other teams seemingly at will. Few of us would believe that the Hawks are playing at their highest level right now and we’ve got plenty to complain about.. […]

Looking For The Heart Of Saturday Night: Blackhawks At Sharks – Preview/Pre-Game Thread/All Ages Matinee

 @    Game Time: 9:30PM CDT TV/Radio: NHLN, CSN/WGN720 Here’s To Swimmin With Bow-Legged Women: Fear The Fin, Battle of California While the second period in Wednesday’s game against the Canucks was nice, it’s still not clear that the Hawks are completely out of their funk. It was a better game than we’ve seen the past few weeks […]
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