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Morning Links 2/17/14

Let the real fun begin: PD Each of whom have only 2 few playoff goals than he does: SI Scoring 2x as many goals in one shootout as you have in your playoff career would be: PHT Pirri waits for his chance: ESPN Chicago Kaner’s really detailed profile page: Sochi
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Morning Links 2/7/14

Depth is good, but Pirri probably won’t ever get a real shot here: Blackhawks I’m sure it won’t matter long term: CSN Silliness in Saskatoon:  ESPN Chicago History will be made: PD Alex is pretty decent at hockey: PHT No shock there: TSN    
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Morning Links 2/5/14

Yes Spiegs, Hossa works out: ESPN Chicago As a degenerate this makes me happy: CSN (auto play) Losers watching losers: PD Suddenly riding the bus with a junior team doesn’t feel so bad: SN Bad time for a break: Philly Doomed from the start: SB Nation  
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Morning Links 1/30/14

Boy, that escalated quickly: Blackhawks Thanks shootouts… but really congrats: ESPN CHI Zus is reliable: Trib Oh for fuck’s sake: PD Bravo, but maybe mix in some defense: SI Gorilla Salad…?: NHL As a gambler my first thought was about bets already placed: PHT
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