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A Show About Nothing

So this is a serious question: have you ever attended a Blackhawks Convention, and if so, why? (OK, that was actually two questions but don’t be like that.) Personally I’ve never gone, and I ask because these types of choreographed interactions with autograph signings and Q&A sessions and whatnot generally make me cringe. Plus given […]

The Only Constant Now is Change

Let’s be honest—there are many, many things the Blackhawks need to change next season, and there are also a few things we already know will not be changing: Stan will remain GM, and Q will remain the coach, and as we’ve discussed here that’s probably as it should be (history of success, not hitting rock […]

Night Songs – Round 2 Day 6: We Hardly Knew Ye

I was a latecomer to tonight’s games, so this will be brief (and it will filch yesterday’s photo, but whatever, don’t @ me). It was a parade of ex-Blackhawks tonight, some of which elicited no feelings, others which positively stung. Capitals 4 – Penguins 3 (Capitals lead 2-1) Admittedly I didn’t see much of this […]
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