The Hawks Missile Crisis

As Feather points out regularly on our podcast, “reading the tea leaves” has gotten frustrating and fatiguing. It’s just about all we can do these days, given how little the Hawks let out and what does get out never puts them in a good light these days. To say Duncan Keith is tired of Jeremy […]

Atop The Sugar Pile – 3/9: DEEEAAATHHHHHH

It all came crashing down on the Hawks this weekend, so who did what as yet another season is meaningless before St. Patrick’s Day, if it ever meant anything at all. The Dizzying Highs Corey Crawford – It feels like the Hawks are heading toward some sort of Bay Of Pigs with their veteran players, with […]

Game #69 – Blues vs. Hawks Preview: You Know What You Are

vs. RECORDS: Blues 40-18-10   Hawks 31-29-8 PUCK DROP: 6:30 TV: NBCSN (All Women Broadcast) MOS EISLEY CANTINA: St. Louis Gametime There’s not much I can add to Pullega’s wrap from Friday night. There could not have been a more clear illustration of every failing of this organization–players, coach, and front office–then puking up a game […]
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