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The Desert Of The Real

It’s strange. Even when you’ve known it was coming for months (and in your darker parts, years), when it 10:59 Central time passed on Saturday

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What If The Lockout Is A Good Thing?

Admittedly, this is a crack-ass theory (see, we can totally swear even earlier in the posts!). The NHL inhabits a different atmosphere than the NBA or NFL,

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Walk Among Us

Here we are. The air’s a little bit easier to breathe out here in the internet wasteland, out from under the safe cover of a parent network. But

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The Time To Kill

Now that the curtain is up, and  you all have perused the shelves and walls and extra rooms, you’re probably wondering what we’re going to do

Iceberg Off The Starboard Bow

Not that it’s unexpected, but the NHL has cancelled all preseason games through the end of September, as noted by everyone on Twitter. #Blackhawks

Not Pictured: nuthuggers and shin high white socks with black sneakers
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Larry Bird Should Come To Hockey

While what I really want to hear is that everyone’s going to stop acting like children and there’ll be hockey in October and I can get back to

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Your Weekend Viewing Guide

Unfortunately, I’m going to be doing these for a while. Not that there was really hockey scheduled to be watched this weekend anyway. But it would

The Committed Idonije – Bears v. Rams Is Now Out!

This week it contains an R.W. McQuarters mention, a Zorich to linebacker reference, and even a Living Colour reference! We’re doing our best, and we

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A Modest Proposal

Perhaps you’re like me and every other hockey blogger you read. Maybe  you’ve been inundated with emails from someone imploring you to join

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Chris Chelios Is A DeutschBank, And Other Thoughts

With all this time to kill and too much rattling around the ol’ cranium to not let it spill out occasionally, I think every Monday until we have