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The NHL Is Out To Lunch, And So Is YCP

Man, am I fucking sick of writing posts like this. But the NHL, it’s rock-stupid/ignorant players, the league’s insistence on pretty much

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If They Won’t, We Will: Duncan Keith’s 1000th Game

Let’s jump ahead about two and a half years or so. Basically, the ’20-’21 season. It doesn’t really matter what the Hawks fortunes

Video Shows Artemi Panarin Making Racist Remarks In 2012 (Updated)

  Because the internet never, EVER forgets, a Russian language video of Artemi Panarin from 2012 has resurfaced showing him making racist comments on film.


Stan Bowman Is a Moron and Henri Jokiharju Is Better Off

In case you didn’t know, the Blackhawks are coming off a year in which they iced one of the worst defenses in the NHL. That isn’t hyperbole. Last year,

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No, Actually It’s Embarrassing

I know, I know. We’ve been labeled as the Eeyore of Chicago sports blogs, or hockey blogs, or just the world in general. It’s something

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Not Only Are They Now Stupid On The Ice, They Remain Breathtakingly Stupid Off It

Please, tell me again what a marketing genius John McDonough is and how there should be classes taught at Wharton about his and Rocky Wirtz’s revival