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Game #27 – And If It’s Heads I Go to Tennessee, and Tails I Buy a Drink, If It Lands on the Edge I Keep Talking to You – Hawks 2 Preds 5

Box Score Corsica Natural Stat Trick Through the first four minutes, this game had all the feel of a sudden onset of diarrhea after your morning shower, punctuated by slipping off the toilet seat because you didn’t have time to dry your ass off. While things got marginally better and there were some bright spots, […]
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Atop The Sugar Pile – 10/15

Time for our weekly review of who’s gettin’ it done, who ain’t, and who’s just there like the dead skin on my left thumb. To it! The Dizzying Highs  Alex DeBrincat Only two games this week, so there isn’t much to choose from. But when you pile in four goals in two games, one of […]
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