Atop The Sugar Pile – 3/9: DEEEAAATHHHHHH

It all came crashing down on the Hawks this weekend, so who did what as yet another season is meaningless before St. Patrick’s Day, if it ever meant anything at all. The Dizzying Highs Corey Crawford – It feels like the Hawks are heading toward some sort of Bay Of Pigs with their veteran players, with […]

Game #36 – You’ll Wear a Dress, Baby I’ll Wear a Tie, We’ll Laugh at That Ol’ Bloodshot Moon in That Burgundy Sky – Hawks 4, Jets 1

Box Score Natural Stat Trick Sometimes, all you need are a couple of individually brilliant performances. The Hawks had all the consistency and cleanliness of a Taco Bell–hosted afterparty toilet bowl, but came away with a decently dominant victory. Let’s wrap it. – Patrick Kane gave as many fucks as he could tonight. When that […]
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