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Game #31 – Canadiens vs. Hawks Preview/Bouldering Workshop: Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge Visitent Le Baillement Technicolor

 vs.  RECORDS: Canadiens 14-10-5    Hawks 9-16-5 PUCK DROP: 5pm TV: NBCSN for the locals, NHL Network for those who aren’t CATCHING TORCHES FOR SOME REASON: Habs Eyes On The Prize Yadda yadda yadda Original Six matchup blah blah blah. We’re contractually obligated to mention that every time the Quebecois wash up on Madison St. […]
Everything Else

Andrew Shaw Really Cares, Guys

There were more than a few Hawks fans having a a good hearty laugh when coming home from the game last night when they saw Andrew Shaw having yet another meltdown. This time it was in Anaheim, getting himself tossed late in a game the Habs trailed by one goal and could have, oh I […]
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