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New Era Going Around

Yeah, it’s a hockey blog. I get it. But there isn’t any hockey to talk about really other than a bunch of teenagers playing half a world away. And there’s probably no bigger sports story in Chicago than when the Bears hire or fire a coach. It’s almost as big of a story as when […]
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Morning Links 12/28

                      Don’t Get Excited: (TSN) Nuclear Legal War: (Hockey Prospectus) Battle of Hockey SuperPowers:(The Province) USA Roster Finalized: (TSN) Drunken Hockey Fights: (Coastline Pilot) No one in Detroit pays taxes, not even a guy that owns half the town:(Deadspin)
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Monday Night Silliness Thread

We haven’t opened a thread in a while. Though to be fair there hasn’t been a lot for you to open a discussion on. But tonight, it feels like there’s some stuff. First, you have what is shaping up to be a pretty awful football game. Two backup QBs against two very stout defenses, all […]
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