The Hawks Missile Crisis

As Feather points out regularly on our podcast, “reading the tea leaves” has gotten frustrating and fatiguing. It’s just about all we can do these days, given how little the Hawks let out and what does get out never puts them in a good light these days. To say Duncan Keith is

JJ Abrams Also Wrote Seabrook’s Ending

Three surgeries. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Boy if you want cover for how you’ve fucked up the past two seasons, this is going overboard but it just about does it. The Hawks are probably hoping that this kind of massive, physical reason for Seabrook’s play and subsequent removal from the season […]

Atop the Sugar Pile — Yuletide Edition

The level of inconsistency this past week was mind-boggling, so why not examine the good, the bad and the marginally acceptable? There was plenty of all three to go around. The Dizzying Highs Dominik Kubalik: A Little Bit of the Kubbly has been downright impressive these last few games, not counting the game against the […]
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