Dallas Buyers Club

Hey, look! Some of the money got spent! Honestly, I cant tell you how surprised I was to open up my twitter app last night during the 49ers game and see the following come across my feed: At first I had to double check it wasn’t some asshole’s parody account (though the Bruce Levine one […]

FFUD’s Baseball Staff Winter Meetings Roundtable

We pulled together our baseball quadrant–Adam Hess, AJ, Wes French, and yours truly, to gauge where we are as the Winter Meetings heat up. Welcome FFUD Baseball staff. It’s Winter Meetings time, and I’m surrounded by three Sox fans feeling their oats while I’m the lone, nihilistic Cubs fan. Pretty sweet so far, right? Grandal […]

Use Me For Your Kingdom’s Cause

If the early signing of Yasmani Grandal gave you a perhaps unrealistic amount of naive faith that things might be changing for the White Sox when it comes to the free agent market, Zack Wheeler signing in Philadelphia may have brought you crashing back to earth. If you feel as though you match this description, […]
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