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Ladies And Gentlemen…The Edmonton Oilers

To try and add to this would be the definition of overwriting, overthinking, overdoing the story, but that’s what we do around here. Ever since the rumors started over the weekend that the Oilers brass has backed up an armored truck or six to the door of Ken Holland, and then it came to fruition, […]

Everybody Into The Pool

Piggybacking off our look at Patrick Kane’s season, it’s always fun to see how scoring has jumped up in the league this year. By now you know this, but let’s add some detail to it. Last year, only three players broke 100 points, topping out with Connor McDavid’s 108. This year, nine players are on […]

Your Awards At The Quarter Mark

Something I like to do at the landmarks of every season. Most of these are the players that should win certain awards on analytic bases. But they probably won’t. And remember, the “quarter-pole” is when there’s a quarter of the race or season left, and you’ll hear plenty make this mistake. Including Pat Foley on […]
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