Friday Foofaraw: Our Famous Blackhawks Convention Primer

It’s that time of year again, when John McDonough tries to neuralize the past three or four seasons from Hawks fans’ brains and make them buy stuff! If you’re heading to the Convention, here’s our handy guide to what’s really going on downtown all weekend.  Friday 5pm – Opening Ceremonies: Hey, do you love championship parades, […]
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The Ballad Of Corey And Summer Break

It wasn’t that we were ever going to learn a whole lot from the Convention and when Corey Crawford appeared (forced to appear?). If anything it only added to the confusion, and pushed us to being more convinced that when he’s not ready for the camp, or even for the season, the Hawks are going […]
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Post-Convention Grab Bag

-There seemed to have been a bit of furor–in that whenever anything happens in July you have to make something out of it to pretend anything is happening at all–that at the convention Patrick Kane and Artem Anisimov expressed disappointment that Artemi Panarin had been traded for Brandon Saad. It’s clearly obvious why Kane would […]
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Your FFUD Convention Primer

Every year we take you through the Convention schedule to give you the real low-down on what you’re in for if you’re headed downtown this weekend. For reasons we’ll never understand, but people do feel the need to be surrounded by sweaty people in Hawks jerseys in the middle of July. Also, it’s going to […]
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Friday Foofaraw: The Convention

Well, at least the temperature is down this weekend, so the sweaty quotient of those piling into The Hilton should be lower than it has been in previous years. John McDonough’s lovechild of self promotion kicks off tonight and runs through the weekend. I used to do this in the Convention Issue of the Indian, […]
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Convention Primer

I’ll admit it. I have no idea why people spend money to go to this Blackhawks Convention. I’ve always thought the Cubs Convention was creepy and weird, and I guess the Hawks version has less geriatric women from Iowa and Nebraska with really silly hats and jewelry and talking about just how much they love […]
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