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Let’s Compare The Destruction

This is a post we might have to keep coming back to as the summer develops. But I thought it would prove useful to compare the sell-offs of the summers of ’10 and this one, and to compare how poised the Hawks are for their next Cup as they were with that one. It won’t […]
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Morning Links 7/2/14

Three years ago today I was in Vegas wanting Stan to sign this guy: SunTimes Well they did for a perfect stopgap: Chicago Tribune The Dane returns! ESPN Big D could once again be a big problem: DMN My contract sucks: TSN No Paul, anywhere else….Sportsnet.ca The beats will all have columns when the Hawks […]
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Lock Up When You Leave

It doesn’t look any better in the light of day I guess. While losing to the best team out there shouldn’t carry too much shame, you still feel the Hawks had a hand in their own destruction. We’ve been here for four exits, they’ve all been different. 2009 was simply not being ready and being […]
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