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Morning Links 5/15/13

Regular Season Recap: Chicago Tribune Verdi talked with Joel: Daily Herald Uno Mas: Cheer The Anthem The three guys that need to be shut down: Blackhawk Up Ben Smith is ready: Comcast Chicago Josh Harding will win (and should) but No Hossa love? Puckdaddy Well…they still are Kings of the Mountain: TSN My Sens got […]
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Morning Links 3/4/13

Gangsta Raps:(Cheer the Anthem)(The Third Man In)(Second City Hockey) Beat Raps: (Chicago Tribune)(Daily Herald)(Fox)(Comcast Chicago)(Detroit Free Press)(TSN) They can still improve :{AUTOPLAY} (Comcast Chicago) Pure Swagger: (The Score) Verdi’s take on the Humble Hoss: (Blackhawks.com) Chris Boden’s take on injury secrecy: (Comcast Chicago) Columbus still wants their All
Everything Else

Morning Links 11/1

Nuclear Option on New Year’s Day:(TSN) This sounds once again like the silent majority is running the show: (SN)  But who really does? (PD) Is playing in Europe worth the risk? (TSN) Both sides at fault: (OS) Not sure why this isn’t a bigger story: (PPG)
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