Atop the Sugar Pile — Yuletide Edition

The level of inconsistency this past week was mind-boggling, so why not examine the good, the bad and the marginally acceptable? There was plenty of all three to go around. The Dizzying Highs Dominik Kubalik: A Little Bit of the Kubbly has been downright impressive these last few games, not counting the game against the […]

Game #36 – You’ll Wear a Dress, Baby I’ll Wear a Tie, We’ll Laugh at That Ol’ Bloodshot Moon in That Burgundy Sky – Hawks 4, Jets 1

Box Score Natural Stat Trick Sometimes, all you need are a couple of individually brilliant performances. The Hawks had all the consistency and cleanliness of a Taco Bell–hosted afterparty toilet bowl, but came away with a decently dominant victory. Let’s wrap it. – Patrick Kane gave as many fucks as he could tonight. When that […]

Atop the Sugar Pile – Taking a Breath

Don’t worry, this won’t be just hair-pulling and complaining about the terrifying lows…I mean, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it, but I wouldn’t do that (yet)… The Dizzying Highs The Kubalik-Toews-Saad line. This has been working, when so little else has been. Brandon Saad in particular has been playing well […]
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