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The Logjam They Don’t Have An Answer For

God bless our friend Scott Powers. Here, even in this nuclear winter of Hawks news while the playoffs go one without them, he’s got seven thousand words on Hawks prospects, some of whom might even matter! I need to take whatever it is he’s taking. Anyway, the meat of this stuff is
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That’s One Way

As with everything, how you judge last night’s first round is whether or not you take the Blackhawks at their word. And that’s not really something we do around here. As Fifth Feather pointed out on Twitter, the Hawks for the past two years have come out and said their performance is unacceptable and that […]
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Hawks Draft Nick Schmaltz

It didn’t come with the fireworks we thought tonight. We all held out breath when it was reported that Hawks’ and Sharks’ reps were at the NHL table filing a trade, but in the end it just ended up being a swap of picks so the Hawks could move up. Which leads you to believe […]

Draft Day Fallout

Well, Stage 1 of this week’s offseason circus is now in the books. What are we left with? The big news is obviously the trades of Dave Bolland and Michael Frolik for five picks. Bolland comes as no shock. He’d become to expensive for the role he had, and there are many options as replacements. […]
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