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There Ain’t No V in Concussion, My Frent

With most vacations, the vacation itself is a thousand times more stressful and frustrating than whatever it was you were trying to get away from. This bye week is no different. As Rose covered yesterday, the Hawks announced that Corey Crawford had vertigo-like symptoms. Then, later on yesterday, Scotty Bowman went on (BIG VOICE GUY) […]

Even A Stopped Clock

Around these parts, an opportunity to shit all over anything the league, or particularly Gary Bettman, says or does for regarding anything surrounding the overall trajectory or vision of the NHL at a large is rarely missed. And though there was a great deal of public “outrage” over his words when he stated “assume we’re […]
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What A Way To Run A Railroad

Another banner day in great Hawkdom and hockey in general. It’s gone beyond comedic to the surreal at this point. A listless, 5th straight loss to the decidedly in-the-middle Wild, the Hawks most important player looking at some sort of suspension, an organization continuing to act in a most callous, cowardly fashion, and a league […]

Friday Foofaraw: Scattershot

For those of you that joined the blog recently, during the summer on Friday’s is when I tend to just write about whatever I want, as do the others on the blog. Feather even went through a streak of reviewing video games and The Walking Dead. So prepare yourself, as I’ve got all sorts of […]
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Morning Links 5/28/2015

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Morning Links 5/18/2015

Ripple on the pond:HockeeNight Waits for no man:Let’s Go Hawks Missed:Chicago Tribune How we got here:TSN Failure to Launch:ESPNCHI I can’t disagree:Orange County Register Lets spot the incorrect part of the narrative:SunTimes Introducing the 2016 Michael Rozsival:Sportsnet.ca
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