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Into The Great Wide Open

This generally happens every October. As we know, the NHL season tends to be wacky and fun and Seussian in the  first month as teams scramble to entrench themselves into their standings position. We know they pretty much have to because of how hard it is to make up ground late in the season,
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Attrition And Panic

It probably isn’t the best way to watch the NHL playoffs in the context of a larger meaning. Life has no meaning, eat Arby’s. We all know this. But when the Hawks are done for this long you can’t help but let your mind wander. Before this Penguins-Senators series, while I was wary of my […]
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Morning Links 3/7/13

The process is different, the results… well they stay the same: Trib ST DH DP HN Not to toot my own horn but I tweeted this, then got: NHL (yeah, I know that was an F) Everybody hurts sometimes: PHT Yeah yeah, one game at a time, but is it time to look ahead: CBS Unfortunately this […]
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