On Jeremy Roenick

Jeremy Roenick is a weeping wound on the unwashed asscrack that is the NHL off the ice. His recent lawsuit, which claims that NBC fired him as a result of “heterosexual discrimination,” is both a laughable farce and a boot on the neck of people who face actual discrimination simply for being
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Don’t Ever Let Your Heroes Talk

At this point in my life, at least circling the concept of being an adult without actually becoming one, I know that separating the art from the artist isn’t only a good idea, it’s pretty necessary most of the time. I know Jeremy Roenick is getting ever more bloated, both physically and philosophically, and has […]
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Most Hated Opponent – Derian Hatcher by Raskolnikov

@Raskolnikov is perhaps our longest-serving and most loyal reader, therefore making him probably the weirdest.  Like most children, I could not properly handle my emotions. I cried for many reasons—teasing from others, being sent to my room for acting out, and, most commonly, my sports teams losing ways. My sadness would be temporarily directed towards […]
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Morning Links 3/20/13

Hawks/Ducks preview: Blackhawks Speaking of the water fowl: Puck Prospectus Deal or No Deal at the GM meetings: NHL JR on the art of the kerfuffle: PHT The musings of a zebra: TSN New deals under the new deal: Sportsnet This happened: Puck Daddy
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