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High On The Hog: First Round Fortunes

The goal of the Rockford IceHogs as the Blackhawks AHL affiliate is pretty clear cut. Winning is secondary to pushing talent through the I-90 pipeline. Success means that Stan Bowman can stock his roster with quality players (or offer that talent around the league for annual cup runs, take your pick). Obviously, Chicago’s run at […]
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Don’t Let The Doorknob Hit You

In what was an inevitable turn of events, Kevin Hayes allowed the statute of limitations or whatever on signing his entry level deal with the Blackhawks expire, and as a result is now a free agent and free to sign with any team he pleases. And that’s ok.
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Runs Like Hayes

Not that it’s Earth-shattering news, but friend of the program (and probably soon to be re-assigned for doing so) Scott Powers of ESPN Chicago is reporting that Kevin Hayes won’t sign with the Hawks before the August 15th deadline and will hit the open market. Most everyone has known this would be the case since […]
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