An Ode To Lucas Giolito

I know Sox fans can be an insular bunch. Actually, I know Sox fans can be THE insular bunch. But you’ll have to excuse a non-Sox fan being inspired to write this post. Even up here on the Northside, with our daily rainbows and IPA-filled rivers (that actually might be true considering the

Ricky Adds To Sox Spiky

Ok, sorry about that. It’s been a cantankerous few days on the Southside. I suppose this is where a joke about it always being cantankerous around 35th and Shields would go, and that’s just the Sox Experience, but I’m trying to turn a new leaf here. So we’ll just leave it. A couple days ago […]

Series Preview – Sox at Twins: Again?

vs.   Records: Twins 76-48   White Sox 55-68 Gametimes: Monday/Tuesday 7:10, Wednesday 12:10 TV: Monday WGN, Tuesday/Wednesday NBCSN Where The Wild Things Are: Puckett’s Pond   Ugh, these assholes again. Since the last meeting between these two teams (in which the Twins took three of four from the Sox) life has been somewhat of a […]
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