Twins Spotlight: We Seem To Be Fine With This

Perhaps we need the Yankees to pass the Twins in home runs, so that we’ll never remember that the Minnesota Twins–the TWINS! The harbingers of annoying, ticky-tack baseball, the slappy slappy Twins!–broke the MLB record for homers by a team with five weeks to go in the season. Because it doesn’t make a lot of […]

Twins Spotlight: Farming For WAR

I sincerely hate the Minnesota Twins, but I have to give them credit where it’s due. In an age where the way you build an MLB team has changed completely from buying through free agency to building through youth and farm systems they’ve managed to land at the forefront of that particular revolution. It’s hard […]

Series Preview – Sox at Twins: Again?

vs.   Records: Twins 76-48   White Sox 55-68 Gametimes: Monday/Tuesday 7:10, Wednesday 12:10 TV: Monday WGN, Tuesday/Wednesday NBCSN Where The Wild Things Are: Puckett’s Pond   Ugh, these assholes again. Since the last meeting between these two teams (in which the Twins took three of four from the Sox) life has been somewhat of a […]
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