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Central Matters

We took a bit of a tour through the league last week, but of the more local concerns, what have the other Central Division teams been up to this offseason? Nashville Predators – The reigning champs haven’t really done much of anything other than watch PK Subban have the summer we

Night Songs – Round 2 Day 8: Once It Cools…

It felt like we got back to what we’re used to seeing in playoff hockey after the mainlining Special K that the first few games were. And that’s fine, as coaches aren’t here to entertain. Maybe we’ll get back there, maybe we won’t, but we won’t be short on drama at least. But man did […]

Night Songs – Round 1 Day 8: California Is Burning

Let’s all shed a tear for SoCal hockey. Because they love being called “SoCal.” Anyway, now that that’s over… Penguins 5 – Flyers 0 (PIT leads 3-1) Only in hockey would it basically go under the radar that the Flyers rock-person defenseman Radko Gudas… Injured their #1 center in practice! Sure, they’re all calling it […]
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