NHLPA Makes Owners Smile, Which Should Have Them Nervous

If you’re the NHLPA, or any member in it, headlines like this shouldn’t exactly settle well: The smiling faces were real. NHL owners are ecstatic with the players’ decision. Now comes the tricky part. My column from today’s BOG meeting: — Pierre LeBrun (@PierreVLeBrun) September 18, 2019 Now, there may have been a time […]
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Another Reason This Final Sucks

I mean, take your pick. The hockey hasn’t been terribly enjoyable, there’s yet to be a good game, both fanbases would do the world a favor by leaping into Sarlacc, no matter who wins we’re all going to be sick, and add to that the narratives or stories around these teams are so stupid and […]
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In Defense Of Replay

Been meaning to get to this for a week, so not even sure if it’s relevant now. But hey, that’s never stopped me before! Hey, here’s another Zeppelin reference! Last week, there was a ton of debate about replay in various sports, and whether it’s already gotten out of control or become something we can […]
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The Rebellion Against Excellence

As the Lightning sit on the precipice tonight, I haven’t been able to shake this stat ESPN presented on Sunday night when they went down 3-0: The Lightning are one loss from being eliminated and joining this list… The teams with the most wins in the regular season in MLB / NBA / NFL / […]
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