Escrow Is Just Code For “Imma Get Mine”

Before we get any farther, this blog has always been pro-union, wherever that may be. NHL owners, all team owners really, and probably almost all insanely rich people are evil and need to be fought against and reigned in. I am wearing three Che Guevara shirts right now. That said, the NHL is

Another Reason This Final Sucks

I mean, take your pick. The hockey hasn’t been terribly enjoyable, there’s yet to be a good game, both fanbases would do the world a favor by leaping into Sarlacc, no matter who wins we’re all going to be sick, and add to that the narratives or stories around these teams are so stupid and […]

In Defense Of Replay

Been meaning to get to this for a week, so not even sure if it’s relevant now. But hey, that’s never stopped me before! Hey, here’s another Zeppelin reference! Last week, there was a ton of debate about replay in various sports, and whether it’s already gotten out of control or become something we can […]

The Rebellion Against Excellence

As the Lightning sit on the precipice tonight, I haven’t been able to shake this stat ESPN presented on Sunday night when they went down 3-0: The Lightning are one loss from being eliminated and joining this list… The teams with the most wins in the regular season in MLB / NBA / NFL / […]

John Tavares And The “Home” Team

It was hard to take your eyes off of the Leafs-Islanders tilt last night. Or more to the point, it was hard to take your ears off of it. What the cameras showed was second to the sheer noise throughout the game, which vacillated between pure bile, utter ecstasy, and the very definition of schadenfreude. […]
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