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Caps Adonna: Capitals Q&A With Becca H

Becca H is all things at Japersrink.com. You can follow her on Twitter @BeccaH_JR. Overall a really solid start for the Caps. The underlying numbers are encouraging as well. Anything to complain about or right according to plan? Amazingly, shockingly, the biggest issue for the Caps is their power play. You know, that same power […]
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Willpower: Blackhawks 2 – Wild 1

In somewhat of a role-reversal, I couldn’t fucking sit still or stop swearing tonight (OK, I always swear a lot) and Fels was cool as a… well, not a cucumber. Maybe a zucchini? Are those cool? Some sort of squash or gourd, I guess. Are squashes and gourds even mutually exclusive? I don’t get horticulture. While […]
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