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Game #82 – Jets vs. Hawks Preview/Mohair Suit Fitting

vs. RECORDS: Jets 51-20-10   Hawks 33-38-10 PUCK DROP: 6:00 p.m. TV: NBCSCH SOLID WALLS OF SOUND: JetsNation.ca We’ve reached the end of the line. Tonight’s matchup between the second-seed Jets and the Chicago Post-Acid Emil Antonowskys will have all the vim and vigor of a midsummer Pony league game between two teams whose best players […]

Let’s Find Some Hope: Vinnie Smalls

I don’t mean to do this every day, and seeing as how we’re now just a month away from likely player reviews, we’ll go back over this. But I was perusing around the stats pages the other day because my life is an empty desert of the real and I stumbled across something highly interesting. […]

Grinds My Gears: Christmas Reset

Hey all, it’s been a few days. Had a good break, I hope. Spent it with your family either arguing about minuscule stuff or just being drunk… and arguing about minuscule stuff. As Hawks fans, or just Hawks watchers, you even get an extra day before we dive right back into it all. Good thing, […]
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