What Did It Cost You?

The last time Stan Bowman came out to open his mouth and find out with the rest of us what would come out of it, and a continuing theme the Hawks have hid behind, is that the price for “going for it” every season there for a bit cost them their future. Which is what […]
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Habs Q&A With Mega-Nerd Andrew Berkshire

You can catch Andrew’s work just about everywhere, but mostly at and Follow him on Twitter @AndrewBerkshire. Ok, explain why the Habs think they need every asshat they can find and why it will or won’t work when things matter? Bergevin has it in his mind that the number one reason why the […]
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Good God Man, What’s The Plan?

Last night, during the usual car crash that is the NHL Awards Show (and why does the NHL need a show? No other sport needs one), Chris Kuc from the Tribune tweeted out that the Hawks are actively shopping Marcus Kruger and even Andrew Shaw, though what he could bring back as a pending RFA […]
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Turn The TV On It Looks Just Like A Window

As the Hawks and specifically Stan Bowman barrel into trade deadline week, we here at the lab are not only discussing names and proposals but how it fits in with the overall window of the Hawks. It becomes a more and more philosophical discussion, as well as trying to figure out what the actual length […]
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