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Exit Interviews: Patrick Sharp

I’m going to jump out of turn here, and instead of crawling up the depth chart sequentially we’ll jump ahead  to a player who is very much in the news and very likely is going to be much more in the news in the coming days. And that’s Patrick Sharp. Regular Season: 82 games, 34 […]
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Exit Interviews: Duncan Keith

Come to the end of the defense, which ends with the Hawk most likely to take home personal silverware this season. Mostly due to his excellent play, with slight credit to Eddie Olczyk banging the drum from November on, Keith has been the Norris front-runner for a while. He added a second gold-medal as well […]
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Exit Interviews: Brent Seabrook

Well here’s the one you’ve probably been waiting for, or one of them. Certainly no player generated more debate, or more jokes, than Brent Seabrook. We beat the drum of suckage all year, while other screamed just as passionately that we weren’t seeing his brilliance correctly. The truth is almost certainly in the middle (but […]
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