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Dying Anonymous On The Fury Road

I liked Hess’s title last night, so I’m going to piggyback off of it. I’m sure he won’t mind. This isn’t the autopsy of the Hawks. We’ll have plenty of time for that come April 9th. Hell, we’ve already been doing it. There will be even more time to speculate about what lies ahead, or […]
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Game #66 – Hawks vs. Ducks Preview/Remote Programming: Smile Gets Blue, Someone Should Have Warned You

 vs.  RECORDS: Hawks 28-29-8   Ducks 32-21-12 PUCK DROP: 3:00 PM TV: NBCSN Chicago UNDERGROUND DISNEYLAND OVERLORDS: Anaheim Calling After showing an actual pulse yesterday in the third period, after a comeback we hadn’t seen in a very long while, and after an actually stirring win (though signifying nothing), the Hawks reward is to huff it […]
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Thanks For Stopping By, Stress

Somewhere in the second period of last night’s horrifically dramatic and exciting, if not brilliantly played, Gold Medal game between the US and Canada, I had a pretty sobering thought: This is most likely the last hockey game I’ll have any emotional investment in until October. Oh sure, there’s the minimal emotional investment of rooting against someone
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A Spring Of Trepidation

Let’s start this with a story, one that exemplifies how childish, petty, and vitriolic being a sports fan can be. But hopefully, if you work out these kinds of emotions in this arena, you don’t apply them to the rest of your life where people close to you  might get hurt. I said, “hopefully.” It’s […]
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