And Then There Were 2: Rocky Fires John McDonough

Well now. Despite the silent scream of COVID-19 keeping us all locked up, pissed off, and stir crazy, Rocky Wirtz made a stunning albeit welcome-around-these-parts move in firing longtime President and professional autofellatio guru John McDonough today. First, the good. McDonough was here for 13 years. He ushered in an era where Blackhawks fans could […]
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Ocean Of Confusion

Note: Yes, I realize I’m mixing my Screaming Trees references but just go with me on this, friend.  Babies, I like to pretend I know everything. Or at least enough where I can convince you I know what’s up with the Hawks. But I have to say the last few days have left me as […]
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The Folly Of Transparecy

Friend of the program Jay Zawaski had some thoughts on Tuesday. This is a subject we discussed a lot last year, what was the Hawks real intent on the season versus what they told everyone it was and why there was a difference. Jay’s not wrong about anything he says here, and it is a […]
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Rocky Hints At The Obvious

So is this reverse Groundhog’s Day, when Rocky Wirtz comes out of his office to say something publicly? And are there construction workers outside his office yelling at him about Andrew Shaw? Inquiring minds want to know. Anyway, if you didn’t see it, Rocky had an interview in Crain’s today. And really, the only newsworthy […]
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Let’s Discuss All Things McD

Well, not all things. But there are a couple things out in the bloodstream I’d like to talk about. The first was this from last week’s 31 Thoughts by Elliote Friedman. Before we get to the actual merits of the idea McDonough suggested at the GM meetings, I can’t help but smirk at the, “But […]
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