Have the Bears Found Their Kicker?

And then there was one. Eddy Piñeiro is the lone kicker remaining from the Bears extensive offseason search to replace ol’ double-doink, Cody Parkey. Steady Eddy won the right to kick sans competition about as much as the recently cut Elliot “J” Fry lost the job, so sure.
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Morning Links 3/13/13

Farmville: ESPN Helping StanBow write a shopping list: SCH The real power plays: SI More arguing on the rules of the game we just made up: PD Perry aims high in the 2nd period: PHT If only there had been a couple of goons who staged fight earlier in the game to dissuade players from […]
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10/3 Morning Links

Super pumped to see Center Ice commercials on TV, and here I thought my season ticket payment was the only way I could give the NHL money for games that won’t be played… Speaking of which real games are the next on the block: (SI) LeBrun says its Groundhog Day, and we’re Chris Elliot: (ESPN) […]
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