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The Awkwardness Of Duncan Keith

I suppose this is just going to be a normal thing, especially when the Hawks infiltrate Canada and Toronto specifically. But it was Duncan Keith’s turn to get the puff piece treatment, this time from Pierre LeBrun. It would be extremely hard to believe, and to convince me, that this was

Well Now You’ve Got A Boqvist Problem

I should have learned long ago that your first instinct is usually the right one. You can review and hem and haw and contemplate, but generally the first thing you thought, or your first reaction, tends to be where you end up no matter how long and arduous the journey is. When the Hawks drafted […]

Why Are They Still Talking?

This would be a good time for a confession. I don’t know what I want, people. Would I be happy if I never heard from Stan Bowman and John McDonough? I mean, maybe? Probably not. They have to talk at some point. And yet when they do the best reaction I can hope for is […]

Look Who’s Talking

I’m sure you’re surprised that in the middle of the team’s first winning streak in a season and a quarter (they last won five in a row or more in December of 2017), John McDonough pops up for an in-depth interview with The Athletic. That’s a little harsh on McD, who doesn’t hide totally when […]

Empty Calorie Fun

Maybe I’m getting old, but I feel like I have to put a disclaimer at the front of every post that will probably turn out negative. I used to be much more confident in my cynicism. Maybe I’m just trying to be happier as I hurl toward death. Either way. Let me state that it’s […]

All You Need To Do Is Ask

It’s not a huge surprise to hear that the Hawks will go to Duncan Keith and give him the choice of whether to stay or go at the trade deadline. On the surface, the reasons are pretty clear. One, Keith has seemed the most fed up with what’s going on. You can tell by his […]

That Dirty Little Word

Here in the middle of the NHL All-Star Break, I find myself in a familiar place as last year – we’re 51 games into the Blackhawks’ season, and I’m about to talk about how they should probably tank. No, really, click this link and I literally wrote about the tank last year at the same […]
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