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It is a sad day for all Hawks fans. Stan Mikita passed away, the greatest Hawk of them all. While I could sit here and list off the numbers and accomplishments, or talk about the class and dignity I only experienced through the tellings of other people, I thought it might work better if we […]
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Morning Links 11/9

Jesus Christo or What the hell is that!! (Puck Daddy) Hammer to Italy..Maybe (CSN Chicago) Much work to be done: (TSN) Not much more comment: (CBC) No vitriol rhetoric:(Minneapolis Star Tribune) Talks will continue today: (Globe and Mail) Keith Primeau wrote a book that will probably piss off dumb people (Montreal Gazette) How much revenue […]
Everything Else

Morning Links 10/22

~The night is darkest before the dawn~ The League thinks the framework is on the table:(SN) Should we reflect on the game? (GnM) Fehr explains the players side:(SUN) Blackhawk Up’s # 1 (BU) No optimism from SCH (SCH) Five Mikita dates to remember:(BH) Rogers is¬†currently intransit to cover this story: (PD) A look at the […]
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