Bears after the Bye: What now?

Daaaaaaa Bears are back at Halas Hall and practicing this week after the long week off following the loss in London. They’re not whole, though. Kyle Long was mercifully decommissioned on Monday, hitting IR without a designated to return rider. Akiem Hicks isn’t on IR, but Matt Nagy casually said he hopes to see his […]

The Sons Of Wilber Marshall – Week 2 Wrap

Once again, our Bears troika comes together to pick up the pieces after Week 2’s breathless win in Denver.  So do we feel good the Bears gutted out a win while not playing particularly well (at least on one side of the ball) or still apprehensive they don’t look all that imposing? Brian Schmitz (@_BrianSchmitz): […]

Bears in Bourbonnais: Boring Ain’t So Bad

Do you hear anything? No? Me either. No noise. No torches and pitchforks. No jobs on the line (yet). It’s pretty boring around here. Usually in late July we’re all too eager here in Chicago to begin HOT TAKE SZN surrounding the Bears and the NFL. This July, though, feels different. Is everyone just happy […]
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