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Game #17 – Hawks vs. Hurricanes Preview/Kick For Touch: Though I Know I’ll Never Lose Affection For People And Things That Came Before

vs. RECORDS: Hawks 7-7-2   Hurricanes 6-5-3 PUCK DROP: 6pm TV: WGN HE HIT THE FUCKIN’ BULL, DIDN’T HE?: Section 328 It’ll be a reunion of sorts tonight down in Raleigh. The Hawks will visit the biggest collection of their alumni in the league, and they’ll see a Hurricanes team that expected to be ahead of […]
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Canes Q&A With Cory Lavalette

We’re tickled to have Cory Lavalette of North State Journal (nsjonline.com, and on Twitter @corylav) to tell us what’s going on with the red and… black? I guess it’s black.  Let’s get it out of the way first. Are you taking care of Our Special Boy (Teuvo)? Because if you’re not… I think so. You […]

If Some NHL Awards Made Sense

I’ve been meaning to do this for a bit, and now that we’re over a third of the way through the season I guess this is as good of a time as any. Whereas in baseball we’ve seen some of the postseason awards take on a more analytic angle (though Porcello winning over Kluber shows […]
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Angry At Numbers -12/16

Feels like it’s that time again. Let’s get nerdy! .969/.929 These are the Hawks’ even-strength save-percentage at home and then on the road. Let’s be clear, the road mark is more more than acceptable. It’s why the Hawks are one of the few teams in the West to be above .500 on the road. Still, […]
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The Chicago Bruins

Day late to this, was traveling yesterday so apologies for the delay. As we spent a season watching the Hawks fuck up pretty much every chance to make themselves likable as an organization, or even appear competent in the ways of PR or understanding, yesterday’s post-trade bus-tossing of Teuvo Teravainen shouldn’t really be disappointing considering […]
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