It’s A Maddon World

He’ll never say it, I’ll never prove it, but I can’t shake the feeling that Theo Epstein has been thinking about this day since somewhere around Game 6 against Cleveland. That was the night that Joe Maddon first panicked, up five runs with Jake Arrieta on the mound. That necessitated Aroldis Chapman coming in to […]

Words, Words, Words…

You thought we were done with this in the winter. But oh no, fucko… REPORT: Rival Executives Believe Cubs Will Listen to Trade Offers for Kris Bryant — Bleacher Nation (@BleacherNation) August 28, 2019 You may remember we went through all this in the offseason, when Theo Epstein said that they would listen […]

This Is Your Mess, Theo

I was actually going to save this post for when the Cubs collapse/utter failure was complete, which looking at the schedules is probably going to happen against the Cardinals, and possibly even in St. Louis. And after a summer following THAT team winning a Cup, that’s a little more than I can handle right now. […]
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