Once Again, The Burden Of Expectation

Oh I got football thoughts, buddy. We’ve been here before. No matter who you follow, or what you’ve come here to read, you know. The comparisons ran all last season. The ’08-’09 Hawks. The 2015 Cubs. And now the 2018 Bears. Seasons that went far better than expected, teams filled with young(ish) stars announcing themselves […]
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The Buffalo DA And Other Notes

If you haven’t seen it, the Trib today ran a profile of the Erie County DA who will be handling this case, if it becomes a case, Frank Sedita III. I’m almost certainly in above my head when discussing the nuances here, and this post probably best serves as a launch point for the various lawyers […]
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Morning Links 1/14/13

Leahy looks at the new deal, including the end of 12/26 at the UC: PD Here are the 26 in camp: BH Does Bolland to 2C feel a little like Hester to WR to anyone else?: ESPNChi Want to make me happy, here’s an idea WIN GAMES: CSN The farm is fairly stocked: HF A […]
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