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High On The Hog: Rock City Nights

With the prospects finishing up action in the Traverse City Tournament this

You Share The Same Fate As The People You

Oh right, the Arizona Coyotes. That’s how I feel every time I hear


Live From The Five Hole – Whales

Once again in the Slak-less formation, we discuss the trade of Marian

The Austin Watson Problem(s)

I’ll admit my first reaction last night when I saw that Austin Watson

Preseason Game #3 – I Wanna Be Jackie

Box Score Hockey Stats (SKY POINT) Natural Stat Trick The Hawks logged

Holiday Gifts!

reading your mind

Gameday Beer Of The Week

Ska Brewing — Modus Hoperandi

Ska Brewing – Modus Hoperandi

Hopped so hard it smells like weed when you crack one. No fruit, no gimmicks, this is one of my favorite IPAs. And it's brewed in Durango, so you never know about the weed thing. –Rose

Album Of The Week

Queen - Queen II

Queen II

You have to sift through all of the radio and bad-bar hits they have, but there is a lot of Queen that grabs you by the balls. Here "Father And Son" and "The Loser At The End" provide that. -Fels
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